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Length 16 Feet
Beam 39" (boat), 60" (riggers)
Weight 53# (kevlar), 63# (fiberglass)
Rowing Machine - Piantadosi Row Wing
Oars 9'9" Spoon Blade


The Stonington Pulling Boat formerly built by Golden Era Boats continues to be one of the best recreational rowing boats ever. This boat handles chop, remains stable and is extremely fast.

The design of the boat is a delightful stretched Whitehall. Picture a Whitehall as a rubber band and when you pull on the ends it becomes thinner, lower and longer in proportion. The waterline beam remains about 24-28" even with a 200 lb. oarsman.

The wine glass transom is absolutely beautiful.

The boats are built on a semi custom basis and little customizing details are easily added if you wish.



Specifications are subject to change.