The Petrel

The Petrel Sloop was fashioned after the Herreschoff Fish Class.  Built under a gentleman’s agreement with the Herreschoff family, a few subtle changes were adhered to.  The Petrels were even asked to participate in the 75th anniversary and sail one design with the Fish Class boats in Bristol Rhode Island.

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Custom Mini-Tugs

It all started with one electric tugboat. A local man walked into the shop  with plans in hand, asking if we could build his dream. Frolic was born and went to a lake in Connecticut that restricted fuel engines, but welcomed electric propulsion.

Without advertising, several other mini-tugs were commissioned for build. Each one different from the others. Three planing versions were made using 25-135 horsepower engines.

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The Stonington Pulling Boat

The best way to describe this boat is to call it a stretched Whitehall.  Picture a Whitehall as a rubber band and pull it from the ends. What we ended up with was a boat with similar dimensions of a canoe and the speed and seaworthyness of a Whitehall.

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Creative Dynamics LLC

Combining several stock designs and offering custom building options was the reason that Creative Dynamics llc was formed.  In the course of the next three decades over two hundred twenty boats have been built.

Listening to our customer’s needs and responding was our main concern.  Some very interesting projects came out of this philosophy.


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